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I am an Entrepreneur

for the past 10 years with a company named Mothers Kitchen. I have been running a Successful company independent of me for the past 6 years.

After 2 years in the journey I started feeling that something is missing, I wanted to understand what was it. I was not being impactful in my work. I was frustrated coming to work every day. I had created a work space that had no positive vibes and I felt like there is something in me that is not feeling complete.

I started to listen to my gut and felt like if I don’t do anything about it now then I will be responsible for not creating a life that I want. I started exploring myself and, in that space, I found out that I loved being an entrepreneur but I was missing the deep connect with people. I wanted to find that connect and take a path that really fulfills me and just then I came across Life Coaching.

From the moment,
I discovered this path I just knew it that I wanted to do this work professionally and I started working towards it and here I am, after fighting all the battles with myself standing in front of you as a

dipti-singh-certified-acc-life-coach-in-nepal Certified ACC Life coach.

Becoming an ACC certified life coach in Nepal has brought an incredible amount of joy into my life. This achievement represents a significant milestone in my career and underscores my commitment to continuous improvement and professional development.

Taking the life coaching journey has given me an immense amount of joy, my current business is also thriving as I come to work feeling so complete.

I come to work feeling responsible for creating that positive environment. Therefore, what I understood along the way is that I need to first fulfill my needs in order to fulfill what needs my organization has.

What was missing all this while was the passion for work.

After finding a work that I wanted to make my Life’s work, there was an immense sense of satisfaction. It started giving me an immense sense of joy in all aspects of my life.

For a deeper exploration of the transformative power of aligning passion with profession and the role of personal fulfillment in professional success, delve into my blog on the personality traits of successful individuals.

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Today I live with a lot more fulfillment. I feel a lot more complete.

I am here to help you all
become the best version of yourself. I believe everyone has the capability to reach greater heights in their life. Sometimes we cannot fulfill our needs because we cannot understand ourselves & what is it, we are here to do.

All you need is an inner calling and a support from someone

This newfound sense of purpose as an ACC certified life coach in Kathmandu has not only brought immense joy to my professional life but has also positively impacted all aspects of my personal life.

I am here to help you find yourself and the passion that is missing in your work and life. My mission is to make you a very impactful person in your business, your life and your environment.

Furthermore, I’m dedicated to helping you fight your battles with yourself and remove all that, that is blocking you from reaching a place you didn’t even know was possible.

I am not a quick fix or

a coach with a magic wand.

It doesn’t excite me to talk aimlessly or give an unnecessary pep talk or give any sort of advice you have heard millions of times.

For me great coaching is not about cheerleading you into temporary spikes of productivity or fixing your flaws.

I believe in walking towards the impossible dream that you have set for yourself, one step at a step, one solution at a time, one conversation at a time..



  • ACC from ICF – I have an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), a credential awarded by ICF. The ICF sets rigorous standards for excellence in professional coaching worldwide. Well – trained coaches show higher degrees of success with clients.      
  • Experienced Life Coach
  • Deep Transformational Coach

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