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Success Stories

Anchita Bhimsaria – Kathmandu

Lecturer at Global & Apex College Kathmandu

"The sessions with Dipti took me from being a confused person to a person who is very focused and has an immense amount of direction in my life now."

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Meethu Elza – Dubai

Communications Consultant

"The sessions with Dipti has taken me from a self-exploration phase to a place where I have found myself and I am accepting myself fully and living very authentically."

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Ameesha Bhargava, Agra, India

MSc. Analytical Chemistry

"The sessions with Dipti has taken me from being an insecure person to being a person who is much more confident. I have become much more calm and composed and I trust in my abilities."

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Caron Yep, Greater Brisbane, Australia

Consultant Leader in Careers and Resilience.

"The sessions with Dipti has taken me from being unclear about my coaching business to Knowing exactly what I need to do to become a successful coach. I have become a much calmer and a grounded person. "

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Sugandha Sultania, Kathmandu

CEO at Jiba

“The sessions with Dipti took me from becoming a messy and a lost person to becoming a patient and a happy person and I feel in a better place now.”

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Saraswati – Bangalore, India

Life Coach Bangalore

“The sessions with Dipti took me from not knowing which career path to take to a place of surety and I am crystal clear about what I want to do now.”

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Siew Siew – Singapore

"As a coach, Dipti is supportive and encouraging. She helps me identify my values and purpose with a beautiful Tree of Life, which acts as an anchor for all the coaching sessions."

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Deepika – Siliguri, West Bengal India

CEO at All that Glitters (Event Mgmt. Company)

“The session with Dipti took me from a purposeless place to a place of knowing about myself and I am all set to go ahead and live a purposeful life.”

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Swaraj Chitrakar – Kathmandu

Managing Director - Chitrakar Artist Merchandise & Services

“The sessions with Dipti took me from the feeling of being stuck to being a really confident person who has a very clear vision of his life.”

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