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Deepika Mittal, CEO at All that Glitters

“The life-coaching sessions have been immensely transformational for me..From being in a zone of complete shut down it seems like a total reboot. Dipti’s sessions have been so introspective & her overall approach towards boosting my morale & HELPING ME REALIZE MY CORE VALUES have been very helpful.”

From being so lost & demotivated I could see some light & a lot of self-potential in me
while working on these sessions.

I understand myself better & am committed to my LIFE’S PURPOSE even more, it seems like it’s embedded in me through each session going deep within all my inhibitions & flaws & embracing them.
I just feel like I have got a new perspective towards my life & I love this change in me. These sessions are so inspirational & above all Dipti’s compassion & commitment towards each client & her tactics to handle every emotion is unimaginable.

Anchita Bhimsaria, Entrepreneur

“The visualization session was very nice and simple. I loved the meditation process.”

It really pushed me to being a calm person. It really helped me loosen up and I felt like it helped me break the wall. The coaching sessions made me understand that if I wanted change then I have to look within me.

Sunny Bhasin, Leadership Coach

“Diptie is a fabulous coach. She provided a safe space for me, where I could explore various business decisions, out of the box solutions. I have transitioned from a corporate career being a CFO to now being a solopreneur. Working with Diptie, allowed me to embrace my strengths at my own pace and make shifts in my behavior which helped me to find success in my business.”

One of the highlight in her sessions were unique questions where she allowed me to dive deep into my feelings. This led me sometimes to heal some childhood memories which had resulted in a limiting belief. Thank you Diptie!
If you are looking a space to explore your own magnificence, especially during a career transition phase, Diptie is a go-to coach.

Saraswati Laxman,
CEO – Lighthouse Consulting

I walk into my coaching sessions with my thoughts and emotions all jumbled up like a pack of maggi noodles and always walk out with a beautiful stack of spaghetti – without fail, each time.”

But more recently, I come out, not just with clarity and an action plan, but also a deep understanding of what could be the route cause – some deep routed fears, scars, trauma….SOMETHING I MAY HAVE BEEN CARRYING ALL THE WAY BACK SINCE CHILDHOOD – 30, MAYBE 40 YEARS….
With Dipti’s Deep Coaching technique, I have been able to get to the route cause and most often overcome it. I am not only living a richer, fuller but also a complete life at peace with my emotions.

I am Dipti and I support Entrepreneurs by helping them go from Burn Out in their Business to Reigniting their Passion.

I love connecting with Entrepreneurs and know the story behind their WHY because I believe if you have chosen to become an Entrepreneur then you really believed in that product or service and it definitely has a story behind it.

I am an Entrepreneur of a cloud based kitchen called Mothers Kitchen in Kathmandu, Nepal for the past 8 years as well as I am from a family of entrepreneurs so I have literally lived with Entrepreneurs and I feel like i just know what, how and the way Entrepreneurs feel.

I myself have infused the Revive and Thrive strategy in my business & I am completely infused in my business. I remember there was a time I used to think “How can i work at shutting my business?” but today i go to work thinking “What more can I introduce in my business?”

I have done my masters in business studies and I am certified as an ACC Life coach as well a Deep Certified Coach.

I developed this program 2 years back and I can tell you the amount of difference this program has made in the lives of so many Entrepreneurs that i have helped. I can see that they are making a hell of a impact in their business and more importantly they are really enjoy this journey which i feel is the cornerstone for all Entrepreneurs. Have you ever really succeeded in anything if you haven’t really enjoyed ?

I love helping Entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses.

I think one entrepreneur can start a chain reaction of positive change in their community. My mission is to support all entrepreneurs so they can do well in their industry and enjoy what they do. I believe that if you’ve chosen to be an entrepreneur, it should be a fun journey, and that’s when you make the most impact.

It’s time for you to make a bigger Impact + Enjoy
doing what you love!
This is why I created Revive to Thrive !

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