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Hey Entrepreneurs !!

If you’re ready to:

✨ Make an Impact as an Entrepreneur
✨Make your business Stand out
✨Reignite your Passion as an Entrepreneur… and thoroughly enjoy your entrepreneurship journey so you can utilize your full potential & realize your business dream & create a ripple effect in the community then


Revive & THRIVE

The best program for Entrepreneurs to connect to themselves & reignite
their Entrepreneurial Journey so they can finally achieve their full
potential and realize their business dreams !!

If you’re like,“HECK YES! I’M READY!”
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Revive & Thrive :

If You’re Anything Like My Clients, Then you’re Ready To..

  • Start waking up fresh with a lot more energy in your work and feel excited to go to work everyday.

  • Stop questioning yourself time and again about “Why you actually became an Entrepreneur?”

  • Stop working 24/7 in your business so that you can take some free time for yourself.

  • Stop feeling frustrated and unhappy with work.

  • Stop feeling the burn out so you can make an impact that you have always wanted to make.
  • Start infusing yourself in your business so you can bring your identity to your business which will help you make your business unique as well bring a lot more clarity in your business.

  • Reconnect to your WHY so you can reignite your passion & actually start enjoying your Entrepreneurial Journey.

  • Create a vision & mission for your business based on your values and purpose so you can create a solid foundation for your business which can help you propel your business towards a proper direction.

And really… You just want to bring your PASSION BACK !
And enjoy this journey as an Entrepreneur and make that IMPACT !

You Want To Feel…


I am making a hell of a difference


My work is so meaningful


I am Free to be me.


I have a clear vision

But You Fear…

 ❌ You might have to give more time and you will have less time for yourself.

❌ Feel like no one will be able to understand your vision.

❌ Are confused which direction to take and keep looking for external strategies.

❌ Not enjoying the process

❌ Thinking that may be Entrepreneurship is supposed to be boring

Continue to procrastinate and doubt

And let’s be real, you’re stuck with
a million questions
that need to be answered.

You’re Asking Yourself (and Google)

How do I enjoy my work?

How do I become a super confident entrepreneur?

Why dont i really enjoy my work ?

Is Entrepreneur’s job really that boring ?

What isn’t earning the money giving me the satisfaction?

How do I find a connect with my business ?

Why do I hate driving to work ?

How do i utilize my full potential ?

What can I do to make my work fun ?

Do I really need to go to a work everyday that is this boring ?

Did i become an entrepreneur for this reason ?

Do all entrepreneurs feel so burnt out ?

Are all entrepreneurs so dissatisfied ?

Do you never have free time as an Entrepreneur ?

What strategies will work to make me find joy in my work?

How to realize my dreams as an Entrepreneur ?

And most importantly – how the heck do I really enjoy my work and start making the impact I know am meant to make as an Entrepreneur?

IT’S A LOT to work through on your own, right?!
But I know the key to making aaaaalllllll of this 👆 👆👆 WAY EASIER!

If you want to make that IMPACT and really get out from the burn out and actually enjoy your
entrepreneurship journey







Most Entrepreneurs think that Entrepreneurship is meant to be boring and you dont need to really find joy in it.

But unfortunately, this leaves them not wanting to even try to enjoy the journey,

it scares them making them think may be thinking like that will deviate from their goal & not earn as much and this then is the starting point for their burn out


Reigniting your Passion so that you can
Revive & Thrive is the key to thoroughly
enjoying your Entrepreneurship Journey

Once you Revive & Thrive :

💖 Your renewed passion will become the driving force behind your business, resulting in a business that beautifully reflects your essence, and you will relish every moment of your entrepreneurial journey.

💖 You will possess the ability to fluently convey the vision you hold for your business and turn it into a tangible reality.

💖Your exceptional time management skills will grant you ample free time, as you master the art of prioritizing your work efficiently.

💖Each day, you’ll wake up with a sense of excitement, knowing that you’re not heading to work, but rather entering a space that feels like a second home.

💖 Your renewed sense of purpose and self-discovery will lead you to cease seeking external sources for improvement or business strategies; instead, you’ll focus inward, uncovering new avenues for business growth and personal fulfillment.

My Clients Have Proven This!

Read Sakshi’s Review:

Sakshi Agarwal, Content Writer

“The journey to discovering and knowing myself is not over. But thanks to Dipti, I am on the right path to achieving it.”

In the last quarter of the previous year, I started to feel demotivated in my professional life. Despite having a lot of work on my plate, it was tough for me to focus. When the demotivation reached a frustration level, I decided to contact Dipti. Initially, I was unsure but she took me through the entire process and the benefits. I decided to give it a try, and I can say it has been the best thing for me. Throughout the 6 sessions, she was a great listener who made me comfortable enough to open up. She created a non-judgmental space that aided me to dig deeper into understanding myself. Without telling me what to do and think, she helped me identify my deep-seated issues and work on them towards bettering myself. The journey to discovering and knowing myself is not over. But thanks to Dipti, I am on the right path to achieving it.
I feel so infused in my business, there is immense clarity in it & a great sense of joy now.

Want To Reach Success Like Sakshi?

Then click the button below to join Revive to Thrive to get started to reigniting your
entrepreneurial journey !


But who am I to support you in reviving yourself so that you reignite your passion and thoroughly enjoy your entrepreneurship journey ?

I am Dipti and I support Entrepreneurs by helping them go from Burn Out in their Business to Reigniting their Passion.

I am Certified


I love connecting with Entrepreneurs and know the story behind their WHY because I believe if you have chosen to become an Entrepreneur then you really believed in that product or service and it definitely has a story behind it.

I am an Entrepreneur of a cloud based kitchen called Mothers Kitchen in Kathmandu, Nepal for the past 8 years as well as I am from a family of entrepreneurs so I have literally lived with Entrepreneurs and I feel like i just know what, how and the way Entrepreneurs feel.

I myself have infused the Revive and Thrive strategy in my business & I am completely infused in my business. I remember there was a time I used to think “How can i work at shutting my business?” but today i go to work thinking “What more can I introduce in my business?”

I have done my masters in business studies and I am certified as an ACC Life coach as well a Deep Certified Coach.

I developed this program 2 years back and I can tell you the amount of difference this program has made in the lives of so many Entrepreneurs that i have helped. I can see that they are making a hell of a impact in their business and more importantly they are really enjoy this journey which i feel is the cornerstone for all Entrepreneurs. Have you ever really succeeded in anything if you haven’t really enjoyed ?

I love helping entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses. I think one entrepreneur can start a chain reaction of positive change in their community. My mission is to support all entrepreneurs so they can do well in their industry and enjoy what they do. I believe that if you’ve chosen to be an entrepreneur, it should be a fun journey, and that’s when you make the most impact.

It’s time for you to make a bigger impact + enjoy doing what you love!
This is why I created Revive to thrive !

Caron Yep, Consultant Leadership

“After the sessions with Dipti I gained a great amount of confidence and clarity on my why and what I was doing and a greater sense of self awareness.”

I addressed some stories I had been telling myself and removed these as they were acting as blockers. I have a wonderful foundation of my purpose, strengths and values to always come back to when I am feeling unsure. It has motivated me even more to keep going. I feel more aligned and happier and I know what I need to do moving forward. I don’t feel stuck or confused anymore.

It has helped me make a major impact in my business and I feel like i have managed to make a hell of a difference in my community as well.

Deepika Mittal, CEO at All that Glitters

“The life-coaching sessions have been immensely transformational for me..From being in a zone of complete shut down it seems like a total reboot. Dipti’s sessions have been so introspective & her overall approach towards boosting my morale & HELPING ME REALIZE MY CORE VALUES have been very helpful.”

From being so lost & demotivated I could see some light & a lot of self-potential in me while working on these sessions.
I understand myself better & am committed to my LIFE’S PURPOSE even more, it seems like it’s embedded in me through each session going deep within all my inhibitions & flaws & embracing them.
I just feel like I have got a new perspective towards my life & I love this change in me. These sessions are so inspirational & above all Dipti’s compassion & commitment towards each client & her tactics to handle every emotion is unimaginable.

Saraswati Laxman,
CEO – Lighthouse Consulting

“I walk into my coaching sessions with my thoughts and emotions all jumbled up like a pack of maggi noodles and always walk out with a beautiful stack of spaghetti – without fail, each time.”

But more recently, I come out, not just with clarity and an action plan, but also a deep understanding of what could be the route cause – some deep routed fears, scars, trauma….SOMETHING I MAY HAVE BEEN CARRYING ALL THE WAY BACK SINCE CHILDHOOD – 30, MAYBE 40 YEARS….

With Dipti’s Deep Coaching technique, I have been able to get to the route cause and most often overcome it. I am not only living a richer, fuller but also a complete life at peace with my emotions.

Revive to Thrive Can Help You…

…understand WHO YOU ARE and help you reflect that in your business.
…gain confidence in yourself and your ability as an Entrepreneur.
…create the free time that you have always longed for !!
…stop you from feeling the burn out but rather help you enjoy the process
…reignite your passion and help you connect back to your WHY !
…Help you thoroughly enjoy the entrepreneurship journey !!
…ensure that you have a very clear understanding about yourself which will help you imbibe yourself completely in your business.
…bring your identity to your business so that your business stands out.
…know exactly how to communicate and talk to your employees and form a great bond with your team so that you can make ripples effect with your organization together.
….have a proper vision so that you can propel your business towards a proper direction.

Sunny Bhasin, Leadership Coach

“Diptie is a fabulous coach. She provided a safe space for me, where I could explore various business decisions, out of the box solutions. I have transitioned from a corporate career being a CFO to now being a solopreneur.”

Working with Diptie, allowed me to embrace my strengths at my own pace and make shifts in my behavior which helped me to find success in my business. One of the highlight in her sessions were unique questions where she allowed me to dive deep into my feelings. This led me sometimes to heal some childhood memories which had resulted in a limiting belief. Thank you Diptie!
If you are looking a space to explore your own magnificence, especially during a career transition phase, Diptie is a go-to coach.

If you’re thinking,
“OMFG. This is EXACTLY what I need!”
Then You’re Invited To Join…

Revive to Thrive!

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Entrepreneurial Passion :



The best program for Entrepreneurs to connect to themselves & reignite
their Entrepreneurial Journey so they can finally achieve their full
potential and realize their business dreams !!

What We’ll Cover in Revive to Thrive


My Super Why !


So tell me why did you start your entrepreneurial journey in the first place? Am sure it was because you believed in something right !!

Like that product or that service or you saw something missing in the market and you tried to fill that up right ?

But when we continue our journey as an entrepreneur the big why just goes out of the window. It like flies away. We only keep working and keep focusing of getting the work done.In the first step we reconnect to your “WHY”.

The big why when you began your entrepreneurial journey.



After Step One, You will reconnect to your why and this will help you reconnect to your passion, the passion with which you started as an Entrepreneur. It will help you understand your current situation as an Entrepreneur.


My Vision Within !


In this step I take you through a visualization process which will help you define what your values, purpose and your natural gifts and talents are.
This will help you identity WHO YOU ARE and

You will gain such an immense clarity about yourself and the vision you have for the future.


  • Self-Visualization Companion:
    You’ll develop a natural ability to stay in touch with yourself and visualize things whenever you need to.

After Step Two, you will reconnect with yourself in a very deep level. You will have such a strong foundation about yourself, you will be amazed at the discovery.

This step will propel you to a direction you know you want to head. The confidence you will have after this session will be amazing.


My Life Mission !


In this step we understand what your Life Purpose is and how can you infuse that in your business.

Knowing your life purpose and imbibing that in your business will help you gain a strong foundation about your business.


    • You’ll establish a deep connection with your life’s purpose and seamlessly integrate it into your business.The workbook acts as your anchor, providing clear guidance on how to infuse your life’s purpose into your business, fostering a highly introspective and self-reflective process.

After Step Three, you would have imbibed your life purpose in your business and you will start feeling the connect with your business.


My 1st Value n!


In this step we help you infuse one of your biggest values that is your biggest strength in your business.

You will start reflecting over how and why you haven’t imbibed it yet and what ways you can start imbibing it.


    • You’ll have the ability to integrate your personal values into your business, and you’ll gain insights into how to embody your values within your business operations.The Values Worksheet will assist you in fortifying your values and effectively infusing them into your business.

After Step Four, you will feel a sense of fresh energy in your business because you would have brought your identity to your business and this will start helping in making your business unique.


My 2nd Value !


In this step we help you infuse another of your of your biggest values that is your biggest strength in your business.

You will start reflecting over how and why you haven’t imbibed it yet and what ways you can start imbibing it.


    • You’ll gain the capacity to incorporate an additional value into your business, further enhancing the strength of your business’s core values.
    • This integration will make you feel more connected to your business.The Values Workbook will be your guide in solidifying your values and seamlessly embedding them within your business.

After Step Five, you will feel a lot more connected in your business and you will start to feel reignited in your business and you will definitely start enjoying your entrepreneurship journey a lot more.


My Future Self !


In this step we will help you gain a clear understanding of your future vision and how to
make that into reality.

You will start to work towards a direction that looks more fulfilling for your business.


    • You will develop a clear vision of your future self, which will serve as a solid anchor for both you and your business, guiding it toward the ideal direction.
    • The workbook will support you in deeper reflection on this vision

After Step Six, you will become a visionary and this will help you take your business in a direction that you always wanted to take but this time with a lot more confidence.


Purpose Driven Business !


In this step you will draft a proper vision and mission statement of your business taking all your
values and purpose.

This is the step where you will bring your complete
identity to your business.


    You will craft a clear vision and mission statement for your business, and the worksheet will assist you in building a strong foundation for your business.

After Step Seven, you will be so confident in yourself and your business that nothing in the world will stop you from making the IMPACT that you were always here to make !

Anchita Bhimsaria, Entrepreneur

“The foundation session was very nice and simple. I loved the meditation process. It really pushed me to being a calm person.”

It really helped me loosen up and I felt like it helped me break the wall. The coaching sessions made me understand that if I wanted change then I have to look within me.

How The Magic Happens:


You will receive a fillable workbook with directions to walk you through every crucial piece. Through every step of the program, I will make sure you know the “why” behind what I recommend, and ensure you feel connected to yourself more and more. You’ll have everything you need to revive & thrive as an Entrepreneur so that you can reignite your passion and make that impact you are here to make.



Through Google Docs Comments and Email… I am here to answer aaalllll of your strategy questions about how to revive & thrive as an entrepreneur. We will connect on a deeper level and understand what is really stopping you from making that impact and i am going to be a friend who you can thoroughly trust in your journey. My coaching support will help you make well-aligned decisions that work for YOU and help you reach your ultimate outcome of enjoying your Entrepreneurship Journey !


Bonus Resources !!


  • This tool will be provided to you so that you can be continuosly in the space of SELF AWARENESS.
  • It will help you gain a clear understanding of your current life satisfaction.
  • It can help you identify areas in need of improvement, and align your actions and goals with your values and priorities
  • It encourages a more holistic view of success, encompassing personal growth and well-being alongside business achievements.
  • You can also use the Wheel of Life at the end of the class to assess your progress and see how much you’ve achieved.


  • You can have this handy on your phone all the time, this will help you keep anchored in making your decisions.
  • The tree of life will be like your personal Google Map for Life


(Thought Reflective Questions)

An extra Workbook Valued at $433 (but free for Revive to Thrive participants) will be provided to you so that you can Dive Deeper and integrate Life Purpose thoroughly into your Business


You will end up drafting a personal mission and vision statement for your business which will help you have a very clear understanding of where you want to take your business.

Oh! And One More GIANT BONUS To Ensure Your Success…


Valued at $333 (but free for Revive to Thrive participants!), Your Value based session will help you
understand how well have you infused yourself in your business and how much of it
reflects you and if you can do anything else to work on it better.

“I don’t feel CONFIDENT
in my skills yet…”

If You’re Thinking…

That’s okay! If you don’t feel confident that you can enjoy the entrepreneurship journey, that makes sense!
What experience do you have to prove that you should feel confident yet? That is your brain’s natural response to keeping you safe and protected from risks. But as an Entrepreneur, you have to learn to manage those fears and make well-aligned decisions.
So instead of waiting until you feel confident, I
recommend you ask yourself if you feel ready to
be COURAGEOUS and if you believe that Revive to
Thrive can help you get to where you want to go.
If you said yes, then you are 100% in the right
place and are ready to join me!

“I’m not sure if I can really
make an Impact…I am ok where I am”

If you are wondering about this, I can tell a couple of things about you already… 1) You care A LOT about the work that you do, and 2) You have not given up as of yet because you believe in yourself.
Am I right?
If so, I want you to know that those are two core
personality traits (empathy and conscientiousness) that are really hard to train people on. Given that you naturally have these two traits and are applying them to yourself, I know that you are already ready to be an Impactful Entrepreneur because those are the two most critical traits of an awesome Entrepreneur !! If you’re still not sure though, let’s discuss your training, professional experience, education, and passions. Seriously, send me a message on Instagram. I’ll give you my opinion on your readiness. I’ll be honest with you.
Remember that right now there are Entrepreneurs out there doing what you could be doing with way less heart or skills. The world needs Entrepreneurs like you !!

“Ugh, I’m just so overwhelmed with a million questions and think maybe I should spend more time watching thinking over whether I am actually just burnt out or is it just boredom…”

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin?” Well, it’s true. If you are spending all your time just procrastinating your inner thoughts and experiences then you are stealing your joy.
I’m willing to bet that if you’re spending more time procrastinating on whether you are just bored or burnt out then you probably feel paralyzed with fear, doubt, and may have even convinced yourself you’re not good enough for your goal of running a impactful business. YIKES! Please hear me when I say that you being here – right here – reading this sentence (yes, THIS SENTENCE) tells me that you are ready to stop stalling your growth and that the pull you’ve been feeling to work with an Entrepreneur Coach to reignite your passion is your next best step.
As Entrepreneurs, we often dont want to give up & are go getters so would you recommend you take action and do what needs to be done to revive and thrive yourself ? If so, let’s get to work, Entrepreneur

“I haven’t had enough experience as an Entrpreneur…”

It makes sense that you’d want to look at all the work you have done till now to reach where you have today.
It is safer to look at other people’s needs and journey’s and speak about them. But instead, I challenge you to dig deep and understand yourself so that you can imbibe with your unique experiences, skills, passions, and education into your business.
There is this awesome entrepreneur inside of you and you know that you are to offer something to the world that ONLY YOU can offer. If you don’t dig deep and reflect on all the challenges you’ve been through and lessons you’ve gained, you will ultimately get bored of what you’re trying to do.
You want to be yourself! You want to be known and
appreciated for the unique views. You don’t shy away from challenges just because they sound difficult.
I promise you that you already have everything in you to reignite yourself as an entrepreneur and I can help coach it out of you and help you refine it so that you can revive and thrive as an entrepreneur & make that impact

The World Needs More Entrepreneurs Like You.

Click the button below to Revive & Thrive your journey as an entrepreneur:


Wondering if Revive to Thrive is really as great as it seems?
Don’t just my word for it…

Read More Reviews:

Ameesha Bhargava,
Project Research Assistant, Nanobios Lab IIT Bombay

“It has been a life-changing experience for me. The amount I have learned about myself in the space I was provided has molded me into a calmer, stronger, and more independent individual.”

I believe it is of utmost importance that people should be able to talk about their problems so it becomes easier to process the situation. My time with Ms.Dipti Singh as a life coach provided me this space and I was able to find solutions from my own thoughts. I definitely know ‘me’ better than before and will continue working on myself.

I am glad I spent a really good amount of time with you and believe everyone should access an environment that is created only for them.

Who Is Revive to Thrive Designed For?:

If you…

  • are an Entrepreneur.
  • have a willingness to understand yourself better & a commitment to spending the time in reigniting your passion.
  • want to make an impact
  • are ready & honest about your struggles & goals so I can fully help you.
  • have the deep desire to reignite yourself so that we can reignite your passion with your work.
    • have the willingness to understand yourself and make the necessary changes for yourself.
  • can prioritize working on yourself and give 2 to 3 hours per week for it.



If you are not….

  • Looking for a magical potion to fix all your problems.
  • looking for a magic wand A one size fits all approach to success, this process requires deep reflective work
  • looking for an overnight success, you have to do the work.
  • willing to put in the work, you won’t become an overnight success
  • Willing to learn and try new things
  • Going to complete your assignments and activities


Have An Unanswered Question?

Check Out The FAQs:

3 months

Revive to Thrive includes 6 one on on coaching calls over 3 months. We can meet as per the schedule comfortable for you

As of now, we have only one on coaching option.

As soon as you’re ready! Sign up here.

Private Support is $2,500. Payment plans are available! Simply email to enroll in a payment plan to split up your investment in a way that works for you and your budget.

Mostly yes, but if you are a professional also looking to find that connect with your organization then it can work for your as well.

Yup! Please email to enroll in a payment plan to split up your investment in a way that works for you and your budget.

You’ll be able to start asking me all your questions, and you’ll receive access to our shared workbook on the first day of the program.

This will help Entrepreneurs who have lost the passion for their work and want to reignite themselves.

Based on past client’s experience, if you commit to about 2-3 hours a week, you will start to feel the connect with your business.

The world is waiting for Entrepreneurs like you to make that impact !!

Click the button below to join Revive to Thrive now!


Life Coach


It's time to take control and unlock your inner entrepreneur. Let's connect and make your dreams a reality.
Simply use our handy calendar tool on the right to select a date that suits you and let's get started on this exciting journey together!

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