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I completed my training with Oasis of Learning in India and was eager to kickstart my corporate training journey in Kathmandu, Nepal. While contemplating how to begin and considering working under someone for better experience, a surprising opportunity came my way.

Hi! I, Dipti Singh, am an ACC certified Life Coach and a Trainer in Kathmandu, Nepal. My goal is to help people feel good about who they are. Nowadays, this feeling is super important.

A friend who recently became the president of The Round Table asked me to conduct a training session for her colleagues. They were a group of 30 women, and the topic was teamwork and collaboration. Excitement and nervousness filled me as it was my first such opportunity.

My training institute, led by the amazing mentor Atul Sharma, was incredibly supportive. Therefore, he helped me design the training, and the enthusiasm he showed heightened my excitement. Stepping onto the stage, I felt prepared and confident. Check out my latest blog post, ‘Confident Versus Overconfident,’ to explore the difference and find your sweet spot.

The day of the training brought a mix of emotions – excitement, nervousness, anxiety, love for the universe, and compassion. But preparing well made a significant difference. As I started the training, I discovered a different version of myself, connecting with each person in the audience. We had a blast!

Receiving positive feedback, such as ‘You are soooo good,’ affirmed that I had found my calling. I realized that training is where I belong, connecting with people from various backgrounds. I’m here to help corporate offices align their staff and, consequently, make a real impact. Investing in people continuously is key to organizational success; therefore, I’m thrilled to play a part in making a difference through my Corporate Training Journey in Nepal.

So, have you hired a personal trainer for yourself? Book your training sessions today and take the first step towards a more skilled and motivated workforce.