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What is success?

The definition varies for every individual but achieving it is a great feeling. Reaching that goal, fulfilling your purpose, passing that hurdle. Every person has succeeded at something and we want to continue doing that. Nurturing these personality traits of successful people not only propels individuals toward success but also equips them to maintain and build upon their achievements over time.


From all our years of experience, we know that there are no secret formulas to success. But did you know that there are some common attributes shared by successful people like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and more?

Yes, you read that right. But before you question, if successful people are born with those qualities, let me tell you something. They could have been born with some of those traits but most of them were learnt and adopted using deliberate approaches.

I know this because over the past four years, I have been working on learning these personality traits. But I didn’t get up one day and these characteristics became a part of me. Instead, I worked on building them day in and day out with focus, guidance and practice. I treated them as habits that need to be developed and it is working.

So, here are the five most important personality traits of all successful people.


Everyone procrastinates. But a trait that distinguishes successful people is self-discipline. They do not let distractions stand in their way of finishing a task or reaching a goal. For them, it is a matter of doing what needs to be done, despite the urge to do something less important.

The best practice to develop self-discipline is by starting small until it becomes a second nature. And then removing distractions that contribute to a lack of discipline.

Emotional Intelligence

Similar to our skill and capability, emotional intelligence also plays a role in success. People who are emotionally intelligent understand who they are first. They attempt to recognize their own emotions and how that affects those around them. This awareness builds stronger and authentic relationships with trust forming the foundation.

Emotional intelligence can be developed by doing a self-evaluation of your emotions and paying close attention to your reactions in various situations. Take notes and start to change yourself.


Every successful person has experienced failures multiple times and in multiple ways. But what separates them from the crowd is that they decide to remain optimistic in the face of failures.

In my six years of entrepreneurship journey, I have faced many large and small setbacks. But that did not stop me from moving forward. I, instead, looked at them as opportunities and learnt from them.

So, to be successful you need to stop fearing failure because that means you are avoiding the path to success.


Passion is equally important when you want to reach your goal. Having a passion for your work and business can be energizing. It provides the nudge you need when everything else seems to be going downhill. But this is one trait that cannot be faked. You need to truly feel that what you are doing provides a deeper meaning to yourself and those around you.

Let me tell you a story. After two years of starting my business, Mother’s Kitchen, I lost my passion for it. Going to work every day and seeing my task list overwhelmed me. But I decided to go back to the starting point and find my passion for the business again. And it helped as I am more motivated than ever to succeed.


During my years as a life coach, I have found that successful people are always curious. They ask questions before every action and, thus, this results in success even in the most difficult of situations. On the opposite side, unsuccessful people do not bother to ask. They simply respond, making them doers and not thinkers.

To arouse your curiosity, you need to start questioning why and researching. Don’t accept things simply the way they appear. Get to the bottom of it before taking any action.

Final thoughts

Learning the above traits will set you on a path to become successful. Embrace your uniqueness and develop some new ones.

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