Anchita Bhimsaria – Kathmandu, Nepal is in her mid-30’s. She has a child and works as a professor in a College in Kathmandu.

Her challenge: She came to me very confused about her life and didn’t know which direction she was heading.

Her state of mind before she started: I was very confused and I was very stuck in one place. Didn’t know how to get out of the vicious circle that I created for myself and I didn’t know what to do. There was no clarity. I didn’t know how to get things moving. I was finding it challenging to focus on one thing. I started living in a state of anxiousness all the time. Started becoming a very fidgety person. I couldn’t find any calmness. My self-esteem had gone very low.

During our sessions: When I started working with Dipti I started to open myself, even though I was being resistant, with Dipti’s constant probing of questions, out of curiosity she didn’t let me give up. Dipti is a very easy-going person. She provides a space of no judgment. I felt very close to her and I wanted to confide in her for everything.

Foundation session: The foundation session was very nice and simple. I loved the meditation process. It really pushed me to being a calm person. It really helped me loosen up and I felt like it helped me break the wall. The coaching sessions made me understand that if I wanted change then I have to look within me.

Results after the session: I started doing things that I always wanted to do. My focus in life came back. I could push myself better to reach my goals and accomplish tasks. I started being very aware of myself and of my capabilities. I am not a pessimistic anymore. When I started with Dipti I would rate myself to be at 4 out of 10 in my mental strength. When we finished our coaching session, I feel I have reached an 8 out of 10. My focus and communication which were my major strengths earlier has come back to form

Taking it forward: I have started to believe in myself and have started to give reassurance to myself. The vacuum that I felt when I began has vanished and I feel a lot more fulfilled. I have started listing down things, starting finishing things that I start and my time management skills have become better. Over all I feel I have started living feeling very appropriate and I am not willing to give up on things anymore and I look forward to doing things now.