Meethu Elza –Dubai is a Marketing and Communications Consultant

Her challenge: She came very confused and wanting to learn so much about herself.

Her state of mind before she started: Around 2013, I was on a self-discovery journey and there were a lot of questions on my mind about making a difference in this world and the process of inner transformation, The biggest challenge was that it was a guarded approach as my knowledge about coaching was only through research and therefore limited in its entirety. At the same time, I wanted to be in a safe space where I would not be judged. It was extremely challenging and exciting to peel back layers to finding my authentic self. If I continued on that path, it would have been difficult to align to who I really was, and maybe miss out on an opportunity to meet the real me. I felt like not many friends or loved ones understood this spiritual journey of finding myself. Therefore, I realized that I had to find answers in my own way, either by looking inward or through spiritual teachers.

Foundation Session: This is an insightful process that always stands out in my coaching journey. I’m grateful to Dipti for sharing her time and effort to this immersive experience.

During our sessions:It was a safe space, non-judgmental and open. Being an ICF-accredited coach, Dipti understood the process and we continued to enjoy learning from each other as well.

I think that Dipti was focused on the sessions and made sure there was enough time to talk about my objectives.

She was always trying to ask more questions and understand what it was that I was trying to accomplish from each session.


Results after the session: Dipti and I were having coaching sessions every week much after the ICF course had ended. And this was wonderful as the journey continued and so did our coaching camaraderie. We were always learning from each other and throughout this, I was becoming more open, authentic and could see the change of perspectives in myself as well.

The transformation process continues till this moment, but these sessions gave me strength, was a grounding exercise, and brought out new answers in me.

I feel more alive in myself, joyously following my purpose in life, and transforming my inner and outer reality in more ways than I could have ever imagined possible.

Following my purpose is a lifelong adventure and that means we are all seeking answers, every day. Coaching has been a self-discovery journey and not only are we truly finding the truth but more about ourselves in the process. And that’s a revelation that one needs to have the strength to go through.

I feel that it’s exciting to know more about me and new paths that I need to travel on to discovering the real me.

I think that I don’t need to rush for answers, but the Universe will send signs whenever I’m ready to take the leap of faith.


Taking it forward: It feels like everything aligns when the time is right. I was searching for answers to finding my purpose and that’s exactly when the ICF Coaching Program with Peter Reding and Amrita Singh happened.

And it was beyond beautiful and transformative.

It feels like I have found my soul tribe and to know that there are more like me who are seeking answers, finding truths about life, and learning everyday means a lot to me.

I acknowledge that Dipti has been a source of strength and support for me especially in her coaching sessions throughout the pandemic that brought light into this world.

Knowing that I’m fully supported in my goals, dreams in a safe space to talk about this is truly a God-given gift.

I feel that the most touching moment is when I realized that I am celebrated and appreciated. I am acknowledged for my insights and not judged. I am accepted fully for who I am. I am authentic and honest and that feels natural like breathing. And that the journey continues like an adventure.

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