Deepika – Siliguri, India – is in her late 20’s. She owns an event management company in Siliguri, West Bengal called – All that Glitters.

Her challenge: Deepika came to be looking for motivation and enthusiasm to live her life and a greater sense of clarity about her career and personal life.

Her state of mind before she started: I was feeling very lost and out of place, feeling very purposeless, clouded with no clarity and negative thoughts, was living life with no enthusiasm and motivation. I used to feel very low and in a place of self-pity and doubt. I was not able to focus on anything. Felt like giving up, felt very depressed. Had no clarity and was not feeling motivated enough.

During our sessions: After starting sessions with Dipti, I liked the fact that she helped me acknowledge the problem. I really felt motivated after our sessions and it really helped me come out of the dark zone. From feeling lost about myself and my career, I went to a path where I could see everything clearly. I really enjoy the coaching sessions with dipti as they are so personalized. She has a very compassionate way of dealing with people and she is very sympathetic. She helps you see the darkest side of yourself in a very simple manner.

Foundation session: The foundation session at the beginning was a brilliant session. It really helped me understand the purpose of my life, my key strengths and my goals in life. I loved the concept of meeting the future self. Visually it felt very nice.

Results after the session: Dipti took me from being an over critical person to being a very confident, strong and an emotionally balanced person. I am out of my dark zone now and being able to trust myself completely.

Taking it forward: The biggest benefit it has given me in moving forward now is that I can help myself by analyzing my situation better and more practically. From a place of denial, I feel like I am in charge of my life and look forward to working towards it.

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