Saraswati – Bangalore, India  is in her mid-40’s. She has a child, she used to work for a company as a marketing head and took a break to look after her child for a while.

Her challenge:  She came looking to me to explore her career options.

Her state of mind before she started: When I began my coaching journey with Dipti, I was exploring various career options. I had taken a break from work. This is when I started my coaching journey with Dipti in May 2021.

The biggest challenge for me was that after having worked for over 2 decades in the communication, marketing and advertising industry, I was looking to make a complete Career shift. I wasn’t sure, how, when, where. While I was keen to start working again, the hard part was that I was clear I did not want to go back to what I did earlier. I wanted to do something in the sustainable space, where I could give back. Also, when I stepped down in 2018, I was running an office with over 100 people across the country reporting to me, running a business worth a few 100 crores. While I wanted to start afresh, I also did not want to start bottom up. I had a lot of unanswered questions.

During our sessions: Working with Dipti was the best gift I could give myself. Dipti has a unique way of allowing you to Self-discover. What I found most helpful was after each session, I walked out with so much clarity and answers. The best part was that these answers already existed within me. She just helped Guide me discover. What I liked most is her powerful questioning which helped me find my answers.

Foundation session: I think the Foundation Session must be part of the school curriculum. We spend half our life doing what we do, only to feel lost. If we all had access to our Life’s Purpose much earlier, we would be living a richer, satisfying Life.

Results after the session: We are all complete the way we are. We all have answers within, we all need someone like a Dipti to help guide us Discover them. My future is crystal clear. I have discovered with the help of Dipti, what I want to do in Life. There is no ambiguity or confusion. I am at Peace with myself and that is most important to me.

Taking it forward: As I move forward, I look to continue working with Dipti in terms of putting into action my plans for the future.

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