Sugandha Sultania, Kathmandu is her in mid-30’s and is an entrepreneur of a corporate gift house in Kathmandu called Ziba.

Her challenge: She came to be super unhappy and unsatisfied with life.

Her state of mind before she started: Life was messy when I started the journey with Dipti. I could not figure out how to balance my professional, personal and mental well-being at that time. I had given up on life. I cursed myself for being the unluckiest person on earth. I hated to see Sunrise. I had difficulties in starting my life every morning. I had considered quitting. Yes, I used to get suicidal thoughts at times.

During our sessions:  I was scared about the fact that the coach would be judgmental or would it even help me, but I slowly started to get comfortable with each passing sessions and I could see my thoughts towards life changing slowly and gradually. I knew I was at a right place. The hardest part for me was to open up but Dipti, my life coach made me so comfortable with her words and coaching towards life. With Dipti in her sessions, I found her incredibly insightful, I felt she came across as the most patient listener and made me feel I was in a very safe hand. She has an ability to make a person see things from different perspective, and with the simple tools she provided me I was able to man oeuvre through different area of my life.

Foundation session: Foundation sessions was very insightful and the effects of it on my life has been amazing.

Results after the session: Having never done coaching before, I didn’t know what to expect, but life coaching with Dipti has been a life changer for me. I became a patient person or I would just say I understand life better now.

Taking it forward: I am at a better place and happier now. Coaching with Dipti was a life changer for me. I feel more confident and can take life how it comes to me. I have an ability to think and process and understand life better now. It’s changed me and my life or maybe my perspective towards life. Whatever it is, it has made me a better person

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