Ameesha Bhargava, Agra, India is a student in MSc. Analytical Chemistry, SDSOS, NMIMS

Her challenge: She came to me wanting to overcome her insecure behavior, overthinking about situations and inability to trust herself.

Her state of mind before she started: I was unable to figure out the source of my overthinking, insecure behavior, sudden lowness and anxiety. On the days when I felt low without any reason, I would cry for hours to vent it out. I found it difficult to deal with arguments and heated conversations. I also faced a major problem in being alone (during hard times or while staying alone). I realized I was irritated and angry when I was alone. I also kept expectations from everyone around me and when they were not met, I felt terrible. I did not know how to deal with this.

If I continued on this path without seeking help then I would have soon gone into depression.

During our sessions: I really liked the safe space that was created for me. I did not have much difficulty in sharing my problems. I liked how Dipti asked me numerous questions after most of my statements or a thought. My answers to those questions created a path for me. It helped me find the cause to most of my worries.

Foundation Sessions: I think the entire concept of getting to know yourself this closely is beautiful. There is no end to the number of things one can learn just about themselves. It could be both good or bad but the entire point of realizing these can help an individual tremendously.

Results after the session: I was able to cover most of my problems in the given time-frame. The results were positive as when a session ended, I felt much easier and calmer about the given situation (that troubled me) as compared to before the sessions.

Taking it forward: I may still have difficulty in finding solutions to my problems or dealing with emotions, but I can definitely handle it better now. Even though things seem difficult at the beginning but I am able to calm myself down and just simply accept things for how they are. I will continue to work on myself, hoping to discover newer things about me. Things feel easier at the moment and I have realized how the only thing I ever wanted was to just be happy. I try do things that make me happy. It feels great.

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