Caron Yep, Greater Brisbane Area, Australia. is a Coach and Consultant Leadership in Careers and Resilience.

Her challenge: She came to me to set clear goals for marketing for her coaching business.

Her state of mind before she started: I was Feeling unclear and was not confident about social media strategy and how I should promote myself and coaching. My biggest challenge was my mindset to build my business in order to be consistent and courageous. The hardest part for me was making time for it. I felt very frustrated and confused at that time. I was thinking about giving up or taking a break on online marketing and building my coaching business.

Foundation Session: The best part I liked about the journey with Dipti was the visualization session that we did, it was really worth the time. It was very powerful and the words and summary at the end were priceless. Finding my strengths and values in life and trying to apply them consistently throughout our journey felt very good.

During our sessions: Dipti is a nonjudgmental, calm and a good listener. She created a safe space and reflected back what she was hearing. She really helped put the mirror up for me.

Results after the session: After the sessions with Dipti I gained a great amount of confidence and clarity on my why and what I was doing and a greater sense of self awareness. I addressed some stories I had been telling myself and removed these as they were acting as blockers. I have a wonderful foundation of my purpose, strengths and values to always come back to when I am feeling unsure. It has motivated me even more to keep going. I feel more aligned and happier and I know what I need to do moving forward. I don’t feel stuck or confused anymore.

Taking it forward: Also, as I continue forward, I am expecting for great things to happen because I am aligned and it’s opened up my thinking about social media and online marketing and reframed it in a way I can move forward with. I feel calm, excited and grounded. I have all I need to be a successful coach and I am exactly where I need to be.

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