Strategic Advantage of Investing in a Wellness Coach

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Businesses are now turning to wellness coach to take care of their employees physical and mental well-being, recognizing their crucial role in fostering a healthier workplace. Take the first step towards your well-being by connecting with a certified life coach in Nepal today. Wellness means feeling good about yourself. I, Dipti Singh, am an ACC… Read more »

Leadership: Conscious vs. Unconscious

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Conscious vs unconscious leadership styles offers valuable insights into effective decision-making and team dynamics in any organization. Who is a conscious leader? Who is an unconscious leader? Today, I want to contrast the leadership styles of my mother, who runs a hostel with 60 students, with my mother-in-law (who is a homemaker). I know you’re wondering… Read more »

5 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do Everyday

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Entrepreneurs are some of the busiest people. And being an entrepreneur myself, I know that a day in my life is filled to the brim with making business decisions, networking, researching and more. There is always something that needs to be done and some of them are very urgent. Explore the essential “5 things successful entrepreneurs… Read more »

Personality Traits of Successful People

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What is success? The definition varies for every individual but achieving it is a great feeling. Reaching that goal, fulfilling your purpose, passing that hurdle. Every person has succeeded at something and we want to continue doing that. Nurturing these personality traits of successful people not only propels individuals toward success but also equips them… Read more »

Motivation vs Discipline: What is the secret of successful people?

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Motivation and discipline. These words have been used interchangeably for decades. But are they the same? Absolutely not! The secret of successful people often lies in their ability to consistently set and pursue meaningful goals with unwavering determination. Let’s look at a situation. Have you ever woken up one day feeling immensely energized? That particular… Read more »

Confident versus over-confident

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Finding the right balance between being confident and over-confident is like walking a tightrope. Confidence is the key to tackling challenges, a quiet strength that helps us succeed. However, if we go too far, we might tip into over-confidence. We let our swagger get ahead of our actual abilities. It’s a fine line to walk… Read more »

Tired & struggling to find purpose in your life?

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I work with individuals both male and female who are looking to maximize their potential and come closer to realizing their dream. With my 100% personalized assistance, we’ll work together to transform any areas of your life that you want to improve. As your life coach, I guide you towards creating an exciting life you’ve… Read more »